Digital Arabesques 2015

Latest iteration of project by artist Miguel Chevalier is an interative installation which projects patterns onto the floor of a beautiful Moroccan building:

“Digital Arabesques 2015” revisits the Moroccan artistic tradition via
the medium of digital art as it spreads out across the floor like a huge
light carpet in Dar Benjelloun in Tetouan. 

The piece features evolving multicolored digital scenes composed of
ornamental patterns in reference to the art of zelliges, arabesques and
mosaics, as well as the world of “Mashrabiya” (latticework). “Digital
Arabesques” shows sophisticated geometrical patterns based on
overlapping lines driven by mathematical logic.

… This artwork is interactive through the use of infrared sensors. When
the viewers interact with the piece they create disturbances under their
feet in the trajectories of these mobile, interlaced patterns and new
surprising compositions emerge. The result is an unprecedented
interactive and visually immersive experience.

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