Too bad old walt was a HUGE FRICKIN’ RACIST

That’s not true.

Actual quote from Floyd Norman (the first African American animator at Disney):  “When I came to Disney, even though it was the 1950s, and a lot of things hadn’t changed, and a lot of old attitudes were still in place, I was never aware of anybody or, you know, any kind of racism or anything of that sort at the Disney Studio… Walt really didn’t care who or what you were. He cared about your talent and ability.”  

Here’s a video where he talks about it

He was anti-semitic tho, he hated Jewish people, I’d call that racist

Quote from Disney composer Richard Sherman (a Jewish man): 

“Let me tell you something, a lot of people talk about Walt in negative ways. There was nothing negative about Walt Disney,” he says. “He was dedicated to doing great things. He reached for the stars all the time. He was a wonderful, wonderful


A quote from Robert Sherman (Richard Sherman’s brother) from the book How to Be Like Walt: Capturing the Disney Magic Every Day of Your Life

“Walt was sensitive to people’s feelings… He hated to see people mistreated or discriminated against. One time, Richard and I overheard a discussion between Walt and one of his lawyers. This attorney was a real bad guy, didn’t like minorities. He said something about Richard and me, and he called us ‘these Jew boys writing these songs.’ Well, Walt defended us, and he fired the lawyer. Walt was unbelievably great to us.”

From the same book, a quote from Artist Joe Grant (also Jewish) “Walt was not anti-Semetic… Some of the most influential people at the studio were Jewish. It’s much ado about nothing. I never once had a problem with him in that way. That myth should be laid to rest.”

Reblogging for this clearing of the air. People also talk shit about Mr Rogers and I want to slap them. 

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