“Your Colour Perception”- Liz West

Site-specific Installation (T8 fluorescent bulbs, LEE Filters gels)

“Your Colour Perception” incorporated all 5000 square feet of Castlefield Gallery’s New Art Spaces Federation House fourth floor in Manchester. The work was developed in direct response to the space prior. West reacted to the architectural space using colour and light to create vast immersive installation art.

Within this work, West was interested in the influence and perception of luminous colour in architectural space and on visitors experiencing it. West transformed Federation House into a sensory, visceral experience by overloading it with artificial chromatic light in which to test the psychological, physical, emotional and spiritual responses visitors experience during their encounter.

This work utilises the darkness outside to raise the strength of the illumination and colouration in the work. Using this enormous space to install a light work in the darkest Winter months allowed the colour to bleed with more saturation than if displayed any other time of the year.

Some of the LEE Filters gels used in the piece:
Magical Magenta
Oklahoma Yellow
Deep Orange
Dark Amber
Blood Red
Primary Green
Deep Blue
Ultimate Violet

“I chose the specific colours for maximum saturation. I wanted to use strong hues to create a true spectrum based on my research into colour theory. I am interested in how people respond to being immersed in different colours. People felt that I had created the nearest experience they were ever going to encounter of walking through a rainbow.”- Liz West

(All photographs by Stephen Iles)

To watch a time lapse video showing how the colour saturation increases as day turns into night, click HERE

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