European oil silo turned in to a Luminous Light Installation

I don’t know about everyone else but me and light shows go way back to childhood memory’s of Christmas and elementary school class trips so anytime I come across a great light display I have to share . The city of Helsinki located in Finland is building a new residential district titled Kruunuvuorenrata -No clue on how that is pronounced -.From my understanding the plan for the new addition to the city is to make mini lighting installments that will play a part in turning the district into one large luminous light display creating the districts identity. This oil silo is one of the first pieces that has already been installed . For the installment the LDC -Light Design Collective- puncturing hundreds of holes into the wall of the large silo and added the collection of lights . The cool part about it is that the lights are weather sensitive meaning that they are activated by site conditions such as wind speed and air temperature. Turning an old and forgotten oil silo in to a wondrous light display and a civic space. Sunlight will fill the space with dappled shadows creating a spectacular daytime space. While at night 1250 white LED´s flicker and sway on the surface of the silo controlled by a bespoke software mimicking swarms of birds in flight – a reference to silo´s seaside location. The prevailing winds, well known to those living in Helsinki, are used to trigger different light patterns in real time. – Awesome! –
Also Congrats to LDC for being nominated for the 2012 Media Architecture Biennale Awards

Check the Illuminated silo in action: Here

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